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A world-wide pandemic threatens humanity. The health-workers' only hope are the volunteers that could help find and kill viruses. Help save lives. Help save the world!
Lost Fox
Chewy is lost! Again. Search the endless desert for the fragments of the legendary Nine-Tailed Fox. But first you have to help him find his way home in time. All the while collecting items and avoiding predators.
Shadow Training
You have an upcoming fight... the biggest one yet. Don't let fate decide your glory. Train, train, and train again. To become the best, you gotta take out the best!
Langaw is an endless casual tap-tap game. The goal is to keep the flies away from the pile of trash. You have to tap the flies as soon as they appear but you can't miss.
How high can you go? With Flutters, help a fledgling reach new heights with his newly developed skill of fluttering. Guide the little bird to move past obstacles and beat your own high-score.
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