Meet the team

To bring you the best of the gaming world, our large team... Okay, just kidding.

We're a team of just four people. But we do our best to bring you fun and exciting games.


Programmer, Ninja

A master of the ancient and mystic art of programming. Accidentally wandering into a den of wild knowledge orbs (a library) at the age of twelve, he discovered making games and inventing stuff.

Loves mountain biking, the outdoors, and conquering the wilderness alongside his pet wolves, Gudo and Tapur.


Graphic Artist, Tribal Leader

He is a powerful warrior who learned the art of Photoshop and Illustrator at a young age from his domineering PC.

He escaped home as early as he could to go off and study with other masters and due to his persistence, he was able to learn techniques that most would have given up on.


Graphic Artist, Ice Lord

Born of a small village of fiery trees, he set off to learn the craft of art and design. Through many trials and tribulations, his will to go further beyond has brought him upon his current path alongside old comrades.

With the absolute calmness of an ice sculpture, he observes the many interesting phenomena that one might see in the world from which to draw meaningful insights and awesome beauty.


Developer, Shadow Knight

A man who lived thousands of years of secluded sigh-ing while gazing to the pathless and endless horizons. Awakened by an earth-shaking event which opened up a way to greatness.

With the newly acquired "Sword of the Powerful PC" and support from legendary OP comrades, facing big leagues and guilds seemed like easy tasks.

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